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Mad Men battle a creative block - good thing they've got a woman there!


Sometimes it’s tough being a small business with a small advertising budget. The obvious big advertising spots that we see every day – TV, Billboards, Hockey Arena Sponsorships – are out of our reach.

But by looking a bit further afield we can find smaller advertising opportunities that target our customers where they live, work and play.

Sometimes we just need something to kick start the creative juices.  That’s why I love Sam Deckers list of 193 Creative Marketing Ideas and precisely why I Digg this article.

Here are just 3 of his ideas that struck me as potential advertising spots for a small business.

DIRECT MAIL – Target your customers where they live with direct mail.  You have the option to do either addressed or unaddressed ad mail and save significantly off standard postage rates. With all the online advertising happening these days, I’m still a big believer in sending someone a personalized letter through the mail with information that is relevent to them.

TRADE JOURNALS – Target your customers where they work.  They may not be as glamorous as their mainstream counterparts but what better way to reach a very specific target audience than with a trade journal.  Search out the right one for your industry and feel good about your targeted ad spend.

BULLETIN BOARDS – Target your customers where they play/study/worship/hang out. Bulletin Boards are available at a lot of places you frequent including your church, your community centre, your Starbucks…  These free boards can be a great place to promote your business to a very specific audience. Follow board etiquette and remember to ask before putting up your ad.

What’s your favourite small business advertising option?  How do you feel about Sam Deckers suggestions to get high school students to do your door knocking/car windshield flyering? Am I the only advertising person who finds watching Mad Men like watching paint dry?


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