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I lead an in-house creative department at a local real estate company where I design and produce unique marketing pieces for over 100 salespeople. Yet, when asked, I say that my greatest strength lies not necessarily in my design skills but in my organizational skills.

The focus of my blog will be to investigate creative marketing solutions for small businesses and individuals working with limited budgets. I’ll be looking at how we can incorporate ideas from big budget campaigns into smaller scale successes.  I also plan to investigate some of the unique challenges faced by in-house creative teams.

The goal of the blog is to brainstorm new ideas to offer my clients and also to help me streamline our systems to maximize the service my team offers.

Sometimes people in creative roles are labeled as dreamers (code for unreliable). I know that my clients value me because I offer creativity that works within their budgets and to meet their deadlines. In other words, creativity you can count on.


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The Joys of Small Business (or) Comic - Not Comic Sans

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