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If you were to ever visit my desk at work you would find it covered in brightly coloured post it notes. I work in an industry that has yet to fully embrace the email. It seems to attract people who prefer face-to-face contact. There seems to be an endless stream of people stopping by my desk to make requests. Some people literally respond to my email with a message that says “I’m coming to see you” and then walk across the office to give a simple yes/no answer!

Me, I’m the super-organized, must-have-everything-in-writing, live-by-the-list type of person which means I use a lot of  post it notes to keep track of all those verbal requests. I like the neon ones. I have them in multiple sizes. There is also a great sense of satisfaction that comes from completing a task, crumpling up the post it and tossing it into the recycling bin under my desk.

And that is why I would be lost without my Post Its….and why I love this video.


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