Dear Adobe Indesign (c/o Facebook),

How do I love thee, let me count the ways.  I love how you allow me to create templates for the designs I do over and over again. I love how you let me place multiple photos at one time or change all but summer greens to fall browns with your swatches. I love that I can create multi-page documents (My ex, Illustrator, never let me duplex!) and that all your fonts remain vector (Photoshop could learn a few things from you!). And I love your happy pink logo.

So pink. So happy.


I spend most of my day working with you and yet it never occurred to me to try to become your friend on Facebook…until now. Of course you are on Facebook!  You appeal to tech savvy creative folks like myself who seem to spend our lives online and are involved with designing for social media, as well as traditional web and print.

I know we can’t really be friends on Facebook, I can only “Like” you and join your social network of adoring followers. I have to accept that I must share you with the 88,257 other people who Like you (although thank you for reminding me that I can also follow you on Twitter @InDesign where I only need to share you with 5,068 followers).  Your Favourite Pages tell me that you want to share my affections with your 5 friends – Creative Suite Design (9,151), Adobe Digital Publishing (3,213), Adobe Flash Catalyst (7,445), Adobe Photoshop (1,350,515) and Adobe Illustrator (211,575) – but I Like you the best and don’t want to split my devotion just yet.

Since I must admire you from afar, I appreciate how frequently you update your status (Several times a day! You keep me checking in.) and how you vary it from topical questions to very specific news articles, events and program tips:

ADOBE INDESIGN:Are you spending this Black Friday shopping? Or still recovering from a great Thanksgiving meal?
ME:I’m Canadian so I’m at work and had Thai for dinner instead of turkey, but thanks for asking!

ADOBE INDESIGN:Amazon has released a free plug-in (Kindle for Adobe InDesign (beta)) that allows InDesign users to export documents and books to Kindle format.
ME:Cool. That could be useful…file that info away for later.


So blue. Yet you work so well together.

Everything you write is something I’m interested in reading about.  If I post one of my designs to my Facebook I could Tag you and my design would appear in your Photos. You’ve posted 487 Links that appeal to me and you have a Discussion board where I can post questions to fellow admirers when we are having a fight about one issue or another (Why do you give me transparency issues? You know how I love to play with that effect but then you don’t co-operate.) How is it possible that I haven’t Like‘d you until now?!


But I don’t want you to get the wrong idea.  You do have some faults. That Discussion board is pretty quiet, why only 5 posts in November? And while I find you very informative, there is not a lot of personality radiating from your posts.  Also many followers seem to be using your Wall as a help desk but they are not getting responses from you or others (I know, maybe they should learn to use the Discussion board!) so there is very little interactivity going on there.  Hello out there InDesign, is anyone reading these Wall posts? I’m not so sure about that.

But I shouldn’t be too critical.  Your Facebook fan page is amazing and I’ve only been part of it for a little over an hour.  I’m sure as time passes I will develop a deeper understanding of your benefits and flaws. I look forward to developing this friendship in Facebook-land.

Until then,



What do you think fellow creative thinkers and doers?  Is Adobe on the right track with their Facebook page for InDesign and co? Or maybe you know why my InDesign program keeps losing Arial Bold ever since I’ve installed it onto Windows 7 at work – such a pain to be missing a standard font!  Post your thoughts in the comments.