Check out the social media release below about the new online designer networking site which helps match graphic designers with jobs and vice versa.  The business person in me thinks that it is wonderful that someone can pay a few hundred dollars and choose between several logo designs, from several different designers.  The graphic designer in me is concerned that there are people out there creating logos for $100 (and then only if they are the chosen one!).

Are people making a living from this site?  If yes, then they sure aren’t living in Vancouver with our cost of living. Regardless, I feel sites like Logo Vendor are only going to become more prevalent in the future so I think we should take that old adage to heart and “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”.

Fad or Future? Post your thoughts on these new online designer networking sites in the comments.


Erick Thomson
Logovendor LLC
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Core News Facts:

  • Use LogoVendor to create a new brand identity across online markets
  • LogoVendor works with global clients to provide designs that help them stand out among the crowd
  • Submit a request and view a variety of designs before going ahead with one final winner
  • Complete file ownership of the logo the moment payment has been made
  • Secure payment method
  • Money back if you do not like any of the designs


“We are one of the few logo design services that offer equal opportunity to both the designers as well as clients. Our primary aim is to match talent with expectations so the outcome is favorable on both sides.” – Official Spokesperson for LogoVendor (unnamed in original release)

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About Logo Vendor:

Logo Vendor is a global online service that connects businesses requiring Creative Marketing Services to thousands of independent, experienced professionals and is transforming the way businesses market themselves. Logo Vendor makes it possible for Buyers to source amazing, high-quality marketing collateral quickly, easily, and for a fair price. As the leading global online vendor for Creative Marketing Services, independent professionals use Logo Vendor to meet clients and increase their business by delivering outstanding results.