I’m a fairly recent convert to the Twitter bandwagon.  In the last two months I’ve switched my allegiance so that Twitter is now my go-to social media stop, passing Facebook in total time and frequency of use. I now follow enough people to I have a constant stream of information that is hand-picked to suit my interests and find myself checking in to start and end my day.  Lately I’ve been following a lot of local social media experts which has inspired me to create this post of my Top 10 Vancouverite’s to Follow on Twitter.

Image by: Scott Hampson

Tweet Tweet Tweet (Image by: Scott Hampso)

If you’re new to Twitter you’ll probably start out by following some of the biggies, @mashable, @ladygaga, etc but it is also smart to follow some people close to home.  The best part of Twitter is that its real-time so when you combine it with the ‘where you live’ aspect, it becomes all the more relevant to your life.

This is my personal list of people to follow, most are related to marketing-communications or social media in the city, but a few are on there purely for the fun.  The list is not scientific or tested, they’re simply people who I enjoy and I think you might too.

#10 @cadijordan aka Jordan Consulting
Why You Should Follow: Corporate and personal consulting, Cadi offers fun links and food for thought.

#9 –  @atomicpoet aka Christopher
Why You Should Follow: Working at Vancouver’s Hootsuite, Christopher obviously he knows his Twitter stuff. Posts are relevant and intelligent.

#8 –  @gutsmctavish24 aka Guts McTavish
Why You Should Follow: Opinionated and animated (literally), Guts is a great way to get your Canucks news. From the author of the 24 Hours column.

#7 –  @matwilcox aka Mat Wilcox
Why You Should Follow: Former Vancouver PR maven, Mat recently closed her shop to focus on social media. Follow her progress on Twitter.

#6 – @todmaffin aka Tod Maffin
Why You Should Follow: Another Vancouver Digital Marketing expert, Tod’s posts a lot of great tech info from the Canadian perspective.

#5 –  @socialsignal aka Social Signal
Why You Should Follow: Vancouver based Social Media blog/company, Social Signal regularly posts great links that will be useful if you are trying to learn more about using social media for your business.

#4 –  @laineygossip aka Elaine L.
Why You Should Follow: Our very own local link to gossip in Hollywood North and around the world, following Lainey is like getting the inside scoop from a best friend who just happens to hangs out with big time celebs.

#3 –  @bcbusiness aka BC Business
Why You Should Follow: A business magazine that tweets more like your cubicle mate, not your CEO. BC Business is refreshing corporate tweeting like it should be.

#2 –  @miss604 aka Rebecca Bollwitt
Why You Should Follow: One of Vancouver’s big name bloggers, Rebecca tweets local and often. She often guest lectures on social media use but also tweets about her day-to-day life in Vancouver.

#1 – @trevor_linden aka Trevor Linden
Why You Should Follow: Because it’s Trevor Linden. He doesn’t say a lot but when he does we listen.

These are just a few of the people who keep me entertained and in the loop on Twitter.  Who are your favourite Vancouver Twitter-ers?  Post a comment to add to this list.  And while you’re at it, follow me on Twitter @roseyhudson.