A quick follow up post on TheBrandBuilder’s adventures in positivity (see my previous post here) through his #StepfordTBB experiment.

When I started this #StepfordTBB experiment several days ago (the premise being “what would happen if I actually adopted the Social Media bull$hit I have been warning you about?”), little did I know that all of this stuff would actually work.” TheBrandBuilder blog, Oct 6, 2010

TheBrandBuilder graph of awesomeness aka traffic

What can a pink pony do for your business?

Olivier Blanchard, aka TheBrandBuilder, saw an incredible 305% increase in traffic to his blog the day after he adopted his My Little Pony profile pic and started spreading Social Media bull$hit. The next day it went up to 356%.  Those are some pretty amazing numbers for a campaign based on tweeting sweet nothings to followers of a cynical marketing professional.

It appears Olivier could only take his own sweetness for a few days and has already reverted back to his old twitter avatar, but the experiment continues to facinate me.  While I’m sure his site visits will level out in the coming weeks, I’m confident that others like myself are now adding the TheBrandBuilder blog to their regular sites to visit.  Which begs the question…

What can a pink pony do for your business?